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Wine Travel


Every Program is a Celebration.

Every Day is a Delectable Experience.

Every Moment is an Opportunity to Explore your Passion.


Not the average wine travel experience.


The Wine Curator’s passion is giving clientele access to artisans of great wine, their art in situ, in the venues where they are created. Supporting our clients by building indelible memories associated with artisanal products. We cater to clients who are in it for the education, the appreciation, and the enjoyment.

Journey of a Lifetime

As an expert in wine travel, our founder Lisa will oversee the design and planning of your Wine Curator Travel Program. Lisa has previously assisted hundreds of wine lover’s on their exclusive wine travel programs through South Africa working with Cape Wineland Tours. Now resident in Australia, she understands what’s available, what’s unique about each wine region, what will delight a wine veteran or new wine traveller, as well as how to get you behind the scenes on a special wine experience in Australia.

Allow the Wine Curator to design and deliver your unique travel program for a Journey of a Lifetime.


The Wine Curator Wine Travel