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Wine Tasting in a Box

Everything you need to host your own wine tasting!

If you really like wine and want to expand your knowledge, Wine-Tasting-in-a-Box™ offers a unique opportunity for a party with a purpose.  Gather a group of friends who like experiential learning and hone your wine knowledge together with a wine tasting in the comfort of your own home.

The Wine Curator provides everything you need for the occasion – wines, supplies, expertise and guidance — to make it fun and informative.

Begin your journey for as little as $69 per person. No experience needed, simply order your Wine-Tasting-in-a-Box™ today!

What’s Included:

  • The Wine Curator’s guide to Host Your Own Wine Tasting
  • Selection of wine, based on preference or experience level
  • Glassware and other tasting supplies
  • Access to coaching from an expert (or setup if required)
  • Menu suggestions or food catering options to accompany the wine (catering at extra charge)

Delivered to your door.  Sized for your group

Options Available:  Premium wine upgrade, catering, for larger groups we offer a MC or presenter. Perfect birthday or wedding gift for your food and wine lover friends, an after work party, or launch your own wine tasting club.