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The Curator’s Club

Wine Tasting in a Box

For a limited time only, Membership is FREE! 

The Curator’s Club provides access to interesting hand picked wines.  We help you discover the journey of wine tasting, experiencing a region through a thoughtful collection of wines, chosen for their uniqueness, value, beauty or interest.

What is The Curator’s Club? 

The Curator’s Club is a program for members to gain access to a thoughtful, hand-picked selection of wines, delivered to your door on a regular basis (you choose the frequency).  The Club is designed to encourage already discerning wine enthusiasts to discover new wines continually, and to become more and more in tune with their own palate.  In many cases, this will take you on a unique regional journey, experiencing new wines produced by talented winemakers; in others, there will be something else unique and worthy of exploring.

The Wine Curator selections are chosen for their uniqueness, value, beauty or interest, and above all quality.  Each and every wine will not suit your palate, but you will learn something in the process and over time expand your wine knowledge tasting a delightful array of wines from many different regions of Australia.

How does it work?

Imagine having access to a superior selection of wine sourced by The Wine Curator team.  We find it, select it, collect it, and you reap the benefits of our hard work and reputation.  The discovery that ensues is well worth it the price of membership!  We don’t source by ratings or volume contracts.  Our selections within any given portfolio are sourced in down-to-earth research – visiting the wineries, meeting with the winemakers, learning about the terroir –  the best way to discover new wines.

Our members trust our judgment in wine selecting, and appreciate the effort we take to find great wines so you can discover something new. The Curator Club is open to international members at adjusted rates (in countries where wine can be exported from Australia). Please contact us to discuss special program for your country of residence.

What does Membership Provide?

  • Opt-in Wine Selections Packs, delivered to your door regularly throughout the year
  • Special prices for Wine Selections, as well as special order wines
  • Priority access and special prices for The Curator’s Club Wine Event(where spaces are limited)
  • The Wine Curator’s Wine Tasting Guide
  • Being part of a Community of Wine Lovers