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The Wine Curator Offerings


Hosting a truly thoughtful and inspirational wine tasting event in your own venue has never been so easy. We aim to share the fun of wine tasting by packaging it up so well that all you have to do is invite the guests. Give us a budget and your vision and we’ll do the rest right down to the glasses and the delivery to your door.



The Curator’s Club Wine Events (open to non-members)

envelope_with_sealThe Wine Curator are experts in creating occasions to bring alive the art of wine appreciation for you and your friends. Whether it’s a party, a special occasion, a tasting event, or some other opportunity to dive deeper and share your love of wine and food with others, we work with you to create a unique experience.  Wherever you are, at whatever level of expertise, we will help you learn, connect, experience and develop your passion for wine and food in the Australian market.



The Curator’s Club (Buyer’s Club)

The Curator’s Club is a members-only program geared for seasoned wine enthusiasts who drink, taste or enjoy wine as a matter of course.  Members have access to specialised offerings on a regular basis, either through special wine and food events or our wine buying program.  It’s designed from our core value that discovery and learning bring both heightened awareness and pleasure.  We do the hard yards of sourcing great wines, vineyards, winemakers and chefs of distinction, so you can be amused and delighted, and prompted to learn something new, on a regular basis.  After all, learning takes practice.  We endeavour to always bring you wines of quality and interest, something special in the bottle, regardless of your program.

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The Wine Curator’s Travel Programs

Are you a wine and food lover with a passion for travel?  Is Australia on your ‘bucket list’? We design and facilitate unique, bespoke programs with food and wine as the primary focus. Alone, or as a member of a select group of discerning travelers who share your passion, we promise an unforgettable journey in a beautiful country, with the express purpose of discovering the crème de la crème of the craftsman who deliver some of the most sumptuous wines and foods locally.  You will have the opportunity to acquire great wines for your cellar at home to savor, again and again. Take a break, enjoy the beauty of a new country and an experience designed to delight, enhance, and celebrate the finer things in life.