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Pounding the Pavement for the Perfect Melbourne Wine Bar

The Wine Curator - search of Wine Bar

I’ve started a personal mission: to find the PERFECT Wine Bar in Melbourne.  While I’ve only begun this mission recently, I’ve been informally assessing the situation for many years, and I’ve still not discovered one that meets my minimum standards.  I’ve been in great wine bars all around the world, here’s my definition of a great wine bar:

Wine Bar: (\ˈwīn ˈbär\), n. — a place that exists purely for the sake of engaging people in learning, distinguishing, discovering, exploring, and discerning…new wines.  It should exceed the standards of a good restaurant, and have much more than a good ‘by the glass’ offering.

A wine bar should have these minimum requirements:

  • A knowledgeable Wine Staff, eager to introduce patrons to new wines of note
  •  A good and diverse selection of tasting-sized portions of similar classed wines, i.e. ‘flights’– for tasting and comparing.
  • An environment conducive to learning, sharing, discerning – and people to talk to about your experience – be it wine staff or other friendly and interested patrons

The hunt begins.  Please contact me at lisa@thewinecurator.com if you’d like to report a wine bar sighting, or tell me about your favorite wine bar in Melbourne, and why.  I’ll be writing about what I discover visiting wine bars over the coming months, so stay tuned!