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Celebration = FUN

The Wine Curator Celebration

Are you missing out on FUN in your life?  Wondering when the last time you did something special or planned a party? Do you find yourself waiting for an invitation?

Here’s The Wine Curator’s 5-Step Action Plan for creating fun:

  1. CREATE A REASON TO CELEBRATE.   If you consider that ‘fun’ is all about having a bit of a celebration, then it’s not terribly hard to think up reason!  How about your next birthday, a friend’s promotion, an anniversary of a special past or recent event (the first time my dog Magic went swimming in the ocean!), or even an anticipated future event. You get the drift, right?  It could be anything.
  2. PICK a THEME or EVENT.  Decide on a style of event that will adequately celebrate your newly created reason! Mark the occasion with something that will amuse you.  It can be something as simple as dinner out at a restaurant (an obvious choice, but always welcome and easy), a wine tasting event (my personal favorite), a walk or hike in a beautiful place with a picnic, a sunset sail on your best friend’s boat – you can make it easy or exciting, just keep it interesting.
  3. ENROL a CO-CONSPIRATOR.  If you are not likely to make this happen on your own, find someone else who will love the idea and keep you true to your fledgling commitment, long enough to get it off the ground.  (TIP:  Don’t plan something too complicated if you aren’t practiced at follow through!)
  4. BOOK THE DATE AND VENUE.  Sometimes this is all it takes to make something real…are you having fun yet?
  5. CREATE A GUEST LIST (from 1-50 people).  Thinking of the people you want to celebrate with is not only lots of fun, it adds momentum and levity to your celebration.   Don’t add anyone to the list you think you SHOULD include – it could kill the launch phase!

Once you start inviting people to your event — you can use a cool online website like paperlesspost.com to create the invitation, search themes, get ideas or just start a Facebook event pageBegin inviting, and the event will take on a life of its own.   Now, if this doesn’t seem like a good way to create FUN, perhaps it’s not for you.  If it is, and you are a procrastinator, just notice that your muscle for taking action or making things happen is weak, acknowledge it.  If you still want to go beyond your current predictable behavior, then take an action no matter how you feel.  Action produces results, thoughts do not!

One thing is for certain, if you start creating some ‘fun’, your friends will be very happy you did… and what’s not to love about that!